Shortlisted in three categories for the 2023 Scottish New Music Awards, including her album Gyre for New Music Recording.

Available on all streaming platforms or click the cd cover to purchase a hard copy.

“Clarinet extraordinaire Joanna Nicholson graces us with her debut [solo album], an atmospheric trek through her mind’s eye in which she leads us with tape recordings of her voice serving as narrations for the music itself, which exists in this liminal space between modern classical and avant-garde jazz. Nothing else exists while this music plays.”

Modern Chants, shortlisted for New Music Project:

From the collaborative score ‘Gannetry’, with graphics by Emily Doolittle, live clarinet realisations by Joanna Nicholson, computer processing by Ellie Cherry and text by Dawn Wood.

No Trees to Whisper, shortlisted for The Dorico Award for Small-scale Work